Being in business can be difficult, running a business is not only difficult but as the saying goes it is tough at the top - not to mention lonely. On the one hand there are the business issues of sales/marketing, funding, partnerships, investors, product development, customer relations, internal politics etc.  On the other hand there are the often more difficult internal issues of personal job satisfaction, personal goals and objectives, family life, retirement aspirations, unfulfilled dreams.


Often these two sets of issues will conflict with each other and cross over, affecting both business, and personal growth and development. Major business decisions will affect us personally and major personal decisions will impact on our business.


Superficially, it may seem easy to get 'advice' on many of the above issues. However often the advice is coloured or biased by the interests of the person offering it, or by their lack of knowledge or experience in the particular area, or in the broader picture. Many of us have few enough people we can really trust to help us on these issues; in reality we often turn to our wives/husbands/partners or friends for help.  However these people, while they undoubtedly have our best interests at heart, are ill equipped to advise us properly as they are lacking in the appropriate skills, are too close to the situation or aren't 'up to speed' on the issues.


There is no shortage of professional advisors around who can help with specific business matters such as those mentioned above. Indeed there are also people who can help with the personal issues.  What has been sadly lacking up to now has been someone who can effectively and objectively help managers on all of the above issues in an informed/unbiased and integrated way; in other words, in a ‘holistic’ way. Often in business it is important that all elements are taken into account in dealing with problems/issues or else (as so often happens) problems are merely 'band-aided' ready to re-occur another day.



Focus Area: CEO Leadership coaching

Client: Kevin Totterdell, Totterdell Communications

"Mary has an incredible ability to ask the hard questions, ensuring that we fully understand and take into account the issues which our company is facing in these changing times. She keeps us focused on finding solutions to the challenges we face while, at the same time, encouraging us to capture opportunities that often arise in times of change. In addition, Mary provides one-to-one sessions to help develop the individual skills in our team. Mary has helped us develop a professional cohesive team and has worked with us on projects which led to us winning major contracts from O2 Ireland.  ."

‘Mary doesn’t carry any of that baggage and is 100% focused on you and your agenda. As an experienced business coach and an objective outsider to your situation, Mary can listen with empathy in an open, non-judgemental way and provide you with dispassionate, objective feedback.


She has ‘walked in your shoes’, so she understands the business and personal dynamics involved in running a business and making key business decisions. She can challenge you by asking the hard questions, while supporting you in addressing urgent issues and finding sensible, sustainable solutions.'