Whether you need to revisit your strategy, develop a new growth plan, or are seeking funding and need an investor-ready business plan, Mary can help advise, challenge and mentor you through the process of clarifying your goals, your company offerings and sales & marketing strategies, while also developing your internal organisation structure to support strategic change. Mary has extensive experience in working with top executives to develop powerful strategies to transform their business. She makes it her business to understand your company, your staff and your unique needs and challenges. Then she works with you to create practical, manageable and sustainable strategies for a brighter future.


The approach can be tailored to suit your needs - and your budget - but it generally entails some or all of the following steps:


Initial one-to-one session(s) with you and, in some cases, members of your management team. This is to fully understand your vision and goals for your    company and your personal goals.


A Health Check of your organisation to identify strengths, weaknesses and gaps.


Strategy sessions - working with you and your management team to set new goals, explore new opportunities, develop various aspects of the growth plan, ‘get the house in order’, and align your management team and organisation to meet company objectives.


Review meeting(s) - usually monthly - to establish a strong management structure, review the plan and monitor progress.




This proven strategic planning process helps you:


  •     Understand your unique strengths and opportunities
  •     Articulate a compelling value proposition
  •     Get straight to your core problems
  •     Find practical solutions
  •     Develop clear strategies and stay focused on them
  •     Put the right organisation and management structures in place
  •     Explore issues you can’t raise freely with anyone else
  •     Understand your own obstacles to success, and give you the tools to overcome them
  •     Identify and integrate your personal and professional goals


Mary can help you strongly position yourself for growth and face the future with clarity and confidence.



"Mary listens with rapt attention like a piano tuner. And she always hits the right note with forensic precision, about what a business person needs most. Her practice is silent, subtle and spot on."

Category: CEO Leadership training

Client: Micheline Egan, Simply Confidence


" Mary brings a wealth of experience and has helped the company understand its priorities and evolve our strategy. Mary is very well organised, calm and direct. Her commitment to her role is excellent and she focuses on what will release the potential of the company to grow and meet the needs and expectations of the stakeholders. I would give her my highest commendation and recommend her to my colleagues as an excellent business coach. "


- Mike Hopkins, CEO Impedans