The focus is on working with individuals to help them fulfil their potential and develop their individual skill-set aligned to the practical achievement of both individual and business goals. This is achieved through a learning process which is both related to the individual and to the wider business context in which they are operating.

Brian Fitzgerald | DCEO, Beacon Hospital

“I engaged Mary to be my executive coach soon after I became the chief executive officer of a large public hospital in Ireland. Mary was instrumental in helping me to understand my own interpersonal skills which enabled me to have the confidence to plan and implement a strategy to build a very effective management team.

Mary was invaluable when I embarked and successfully completed a major organisational change project within the hospital.

Having given 23 years service to the public health system in Ireland, I was approached during the coaching session with Mary to consider a significant role within the private healthcare system.

Again Mary’s career experience provided great insights to enable me to consider the merits of moving to the private sector in order to enhance my professional experience and add to my career progression. “



"Mary was instrumental in helping me to understand my own interpersonal skills..."