To a very real degree, your people are your company.


Effective performance management - getting the very best from your people - begins with having the right management structure in place. Mary can help you establish management systems that will significantly reduce your staff’s dependency on you, and help them work more efficiently and with greater energy and motivation. At the same time, she helps develop your own management skills, so that managing your staff becomes a natural - even enjoyable - aspect of your working life - instead of a daunting and overwhelming chore.


Mary helps identify and resolve issues such as:


  • staff not having clear roles and responsibilities
  • lack of accountability
  • delegation
  • staff feeling overwhelmed or overworked
  • lack of strategic focus
  • poor morale
  • vague performance expectations
  • managers having responsibility without authority
  • disgruntled staff/directors and conflict situations


Through facilitation of meetings and business coaching at director, manager and staff levels, she can help build the individual skills and capabilities at all levels around managing and coaching staff, and communicating more effectively, thereby improving individual personal effectiveness so that collectively you, your staff, and your company achieve greater results.


Mary can help you build a dynamic, motivated team by developing your management skills and the skills of your management team.


Caelen King | CEO and Founder,

“Mary has been a key component in the development program of WhatClinic's Senior Management Team. Her clarity, focus and perspective have proven invaluable as we meet the challenges of a rapidly scaling business”.

Senior Executive Coaching

 'it was only through engaging with Mary and utilising her innate abilities, which allowed me to identify my deficiencies and grow into my new role. Mary challenged me in a way that no other career coach has''

Client: Syscomm, Shane Horan